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2 great allergy free Pretzel options

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I love pretzels. They are perfect for a small snack, the airplane, and friend's houses. My favorite brand is Glutino. They come is both twists and sticks, and I love them both.

They are great on their own with their airy and crunchy feel. Some of my friends have started to buy them because they like them more than Pretzels with gluten.

Another pretzel option that is great is the gluten free Schneiders pretzels. They come in 3 options, rods, sticks, and twists.

My favorite are the rods, but the other two are also good.

These two products were great and have been a staple for my family ever since we found out about them.

In general, though, I try a bunch of new allergy free foods, most of which are terrible. An example is these cauliflower pretzels. Do not recommend.

- Max

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